Will Bitcoin Prices Recover?

Will Bitcoin Prices Recover?

The question Everyone is wondering is if Bitcoin will recover from the lowest prices that it’s seen in over a year. As of right now Bitcoin is at $4,533.42, exactly one month ago this price was at $6,401.34. This is a $1,867.92 fall in just one month. People are wondering if right now is the time to buy in? Is it time to abandon ship and just sell for a loss? Personally i think Bitcoin can and will recover from this. I believe that right now is the best time in over a year to buy in, we should see prices rising up very soon but only time will tell how high.


My Advice

Please keep in mind I’m no expert and I’ll just be telling you what I would do. If I was waiting for a time to buy in I would now before it’s too late. Also if I was holding Bitcoin, I would continue to hold as I really do believe the prices will recover from this.

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